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Casas Del Bosque Reserva Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Country: Chile
Winery: Casas del Bosque
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
UPC Code: 6 97412 00002 7
Winemaker Notes:

“A vintage that can be defined as warm, with a sunny summer and lack of rains followed by a cold beginning of Fall. This reflected on an aromatic profile that is more ripe, with complex notes that deviate from the mere thiolic expression. The latter will always show up as it is characteristic of our vineyard located in the coldest side of Casablanca, named Las Dichas. However, in this 2022 Reserva, the aromatic compounds of thiolic origin (passion fruit, grapefruit, currant, cassis) are accompanied and complemented by subtle notes of figs, apple flower, pineapple and cantaloupe. There is no lack of a terpene layer with elegant citrus notes. Upon entering the palate, the acidity sensation stands out as important yet palatable. This is the core of the wine, which then fills the palate with a good length and a clean and precise finish. The flavors match the aromas, and revolve around the acidity structure.”
ALBERTO GUOLO / Chief Winemaker

For the Reserva line, 100% of the grapes were machine harvested, which favors the maceration of skins and a better transfer of aromatic compounds into the must. After harvesting, they were destemmed and went through a short maceration (6 to 8 hours) inside a pneumatic press. Only the flower must was then drained (approximately 60 % of the yield), separating the different press cuts. The juice was cleaned by static decantation before being racked with varying grades of turbidity (50 -120 NTU) into the fermentation vats. Musts were inoculated with selected yeasts, and fermented at temperatures between 14 to 18°C/57 to 64°F. After fermenting, the young wine was left for a couple of weeks on its lees without stirring before assembly. After bending, the wine was clarified, cold-stabilized and filtered. The first bottling was carried out on July 7th, 2020. Total production was 38,000 cases.

Vineyard located on the westernmost reaches of the Casablanca Valley, in what is known as “Las Dichas”. Yields average 7 tons per hectare/3.2 US tons per acre. Frequent morning fog, warm days and cold nights characterize the valley. Average temperatures in summer are 18.9ºC/66ºF and in winter, 10.7ºC/51ºF. Thermal amplitude during the day in March is 13.1ºC/56ºF. After a pretty dry winter with lower than average rains, spring frosts were milder than previous years, causing minor damage. The ripening season was characterized by high temperatures during the day, and many sunny days. The harvest for Sauvignon Blanc starts in the last week of March.

Ideally serve between 6 to 8ºC/43 to 46ºF with dishes such as ceviche, oysters or grilled fish. Herbs such as lemon grass, cilantro or basil. Green olives, chutney and all kinds of goat cheeses. Ideal with lemon spaghetti or shellfish risotto.