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Casas del Bosque La Trampa 2020

Country: Chile
Winery: Casas del Bosque
Varietal: Red Blends
Tasting Notes:

Intense purple color with slight blue hues.
The aromatic notes are well integrated and form an intense and elegant bouquet. If drunk early in its life
it is suggested to aerate it so that it offers its full aromatic potential. This was an exceptional vintage for
Malbec, and for this reason its percentage in the blend is higher than in other years. The floral notes, an
expression of a cool-climate Malbec, are complemented by the meaty and spicy profile of the Syrah. The
tertiary aromas of the ageing appear as a framework, and do not constitute the main element.
When the wine is introduced in the mouth, two sensations are verified at the same time: on the one
hand, the structure or “skeleton” of the wine, which is constituted by delicious fine-grained tannins that
impart a tactile sensation similar to a “mousse”. On the other, the acidity is balanced and lively. The
flavors are consistent with the aromas, and a subtle graphite note generates a “grippy” impression on the
palate. This is a complex wine, offering distinct impressions as it opens in the glass. The wine is likely to
be at its peak in 5 to 7 years.

72% Syrah – 20% Malbec – 8% Pinot Noir

Winemaker Notes:

Harvested from the La Trampa parcel, on the north face of a hill with spectacular views of the valley. The
vines were planted in 1999 (Pinot Noir), 2002 (Syrah), and 2013 (Malbec). The average yields are 3 tons
per hectare/1.2 tons per acre.
Frequent morning fogs, warm days and cold nights characterize the valley. The average temperatures in
summer reach 18,9°C/66°F and during winter, 10,7°C/51°F. The daily temperature shift in March is
13,1°C/55,6°F. Yearly rains average 380mm, concentrating mostly between May and September.
The summer of this vintage was hot, and ripening occurred earlier than in other vintages. The fruit was
selected from the highest part of the hillside blocks, where the soil is shallow and poor in organic matter.
The Malbec and Pinot Noir were harvested in mid-March, while the Syrah was harvested in mid-April.

The grapes were destemmed and left to cold settle for three days. This pre-fermentative maceration was
carried out without the use of sulfites, achieving microbial control with non-fermentative yeast of the
Metschnikovia type. Alcoholic fermentation was carried out by inoculating selected yeasts in open top
tanks. During this process the tanks were pumped over and stomped twice a day.
Ageing took place on French oak barrels (50% new) for 18 months. The final blend was made on January
2022, after which the wine was kept for an additional six months on inactivated yeasts.
After the elevage, the wine was filtered and bottled, with total production reaching 520 cases.

Iron-rich, red granitic soils. The vineyard is located at 18 kms/11 miles from the Pacific Ocean, at an
altitude of 250m/820ft over sea level.